How Many Bedrooms Do You Really Need?

Whether you’re buying a condo or a bungalow anywhere in Canada, one of the first things you’ll have to decide is the number of bedrooms that ideally could be accommodated in your home or unit.

Narrow down your choices by taking a close look at your current lifestyle. Does your work require you to travel often, or are you predominantly an at-home worker and would require some amount of productive space? Also, do you often entertain large groups of guests? Do you have a family with kids, or are you single? Continue reading


Buy Condos Only from Trusted Developers

When looking for a condo, most buyers tend to just look at the property itself.  Once they like what they see, they’re pretty fast to settle. However, buying a real estate property is not something you should leave up to the spur of the moment because it involves a huge financial risk.  While finding a great-looking property is a big deal, finding a trusted developer is even more important to make a smart purchase decision. Continue reading

Open Floor Plan: A Must-Have in Modern Condos

When you look at the layouts of residential properties or condominium developments today, you’re bound to see a lot of open floor plans. Usually, the entire first floor or majority of a bungalow—with no partitions or walls separating each space—will be designated as the living room, dining area, and kitchen. This has become the new norm for a functional, flexible, and desirable interior, which has been traditionally defined by compartmentalised rooms serving specific purposes.

Practical Advantages

Condos with open floor plans give owners the liberty of managing their social interactions. You could watch your kids or communicate with them when they’re in the family room while you’re cleaning the dining area. You can entertain guests while you’re preparing food in the kitchen. Indeed, an open floor plan promotes connectedness, and homeowners can enjoy it every day if they maximise their interiors.

Aesthetic Perks

Additionally, an open floor plan gives you full use of natural light as sunlight streams through the entire space with no interior walls to interrupt it. The lack of partitions in the design also gives the space a bigger appearance.

You can use big blocks of furniture, area rugs, and other decor to define spaces or use recessed lighting, floor-to-ceiling drapes, glass or mirrors, and other tricks to enhance how large the space looks. Take note that in these interiors, the kitchen is usually the star of the show, so make sure you decorate it stylishly and keep it neat.

3 Condo Buying Tips to Maximise Small Space Living

A lot of individuals (mostly young professionals) and small families are being drawn to condo living. Although they would have a smaller space compared to conventional single family homes, condos offer valuable perks like affordability, low-maintenance and easy lifestyles thanks to the amenities. If you’re planning to buy a condo, consider these tips to maximise small space living:

Account for all expenses and possible profits

Factor in all the costs of the purchase and the fees you may be responsible for. Don’t forget the association fees, moving costs, taxes, processing fees for loan applications and the overall maintenance of the property. Consider buying a large property like a 2-story condos; this can be easier to sell when it’s time for you to move to a bigger home. Continue reading

Winnipeg Neighbourhoods: Fairfield Park

When deciding where to live, the neighbourhood is a primary consideration. It’s important for many reasons, most notably the people living in it and the proximity to amenities (e.g. schools, healthcare providers, shopping centres, entertainment venues, and other important facilities). The neighbourhood will always be a part of the home, not just in terms of real estate but also the sense of belonging for its residents.

Winnipeg has 236 neighbourhoods, with an estimated 186 of which are considered residential. These neighbourhoods have different features that give each a certain character. They go beyond just amenities as many of the neighbourhoods possess unique heritages and historic identities.

Local Improvement

The government of Winnipeg pays great attention to improving its neighbourhoods. For example, Fairfield Park has received great attention over the years. One of the area’s most notable characteristics is its proximity to key locations, like the University of Manitoba and the Blue Bombers stadium. Of course, a neighbourhood needs more than just these to become favourable.

Back in the development stage, a full range of services have been planned for installation in the area. Over the years, these additions have made the location highly livable. Today, Fairfield Park offers great living conditions with its multiple amenities, convenient transportation conditions, and peaceful environment.

For your Lifestyle: Condos for Sale in Winnipeg

Are you thinking of buying a townhome condo in Winnipeg for the first time? Then you’ll definitely have some questions. A lot of townhome condos are available for sale in Winnipeg, so it’s not availability that will be an issue, but in getting the right condo that fits your lifestyle. You’ll find here some useful tips that can help you choose a townhome condo that you’ll find comfortable and right for your budget.

Why Condos?

Living in townhome condos has many important benefits. Some condos offer desirable amenities, such as swimming pool, fitness center, and even spas. Condos often come with locked entries and doormen, and provide residents with good security.

Know What Condos You Want to Buy and How Much You Can Spend Continue reading

Winnipeg Condos for Sale Sell Out Early

Winnipeg is a growing city in the province of Manitoba. Its housing market is steadily on the rise, and many condominium communities sell new and used units quickly. A growing number of people want to take advantage of the condo lifestyle. With lower maintenance than a house and little extras for the tenants, full fun and value can be had in all parts of the city where condominiums go.

Luxury living is a concept which is gaining popularity in Winnipeg. Condominium developers are rising to the challenge by adding socializing rooms, fitness rooms, libraries, and even for-rent overnight guest suites. Mixed purpose condominiums have shops on the bottom floor (and sometimes second and third floor) followed by condo living in the floors above. This can be handy for the little extras we all run out of from time to time.  Continue reading